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Speed up!

As you know, fund-raising takes preparation. So does communication. Whether upstream, to raise investor awareness, or downstream, to inform the ecosystem and prepare for the next round.

Media opportunity

If raising funds is a (very) important moment in the life of a startup, it’s also a unique media opportunity. It’s a rare opportunity to meet and talk with journalists from the most prestigious business and financial media, as well as innovation media.

A well-executed fund-raising announcement opens many doors!

Added value of StoriesOut

Since 2010, StoriesOut has assisted numerous customers with their announcements and/or preparations for fund-raising, financing, M&A and other events.

We know how to make the most of these high points to broaden the press target to include economic and business media, but also to enable you to build lasting relationships with key journalists in your market.

Single rate, by country

We have a perfect command of the mechanics of fund-raising announcements, and are particularly well acquainted with the key journalists who might pick up on them.

We therefore offer a single rate, indexed to the number of countries where the announcement is to be made.

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