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Social Media & Influence


Make an impression!

On social media, you can grow your brand’s and leaders’ influence.
Engage and impress your ecosystem and your communities, make your voice and your differences heard.


Professional social network par excellence, LinkedIn is an essential support for brand communication. We propose to develop your company’s attractiveness and the influence of your managers.

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Twitter, Instagram, Twitch or TikTok can support your communication campaigns and engage your communities like no other channel can. Want to test it out?

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Spokesperson influence

Bringing the unique voice, the vision and the uniqueness of leaders is a challenge for all companies that want to stand out. An influential leader is trained, regularly coached and constantly informed on key issues.

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Becoming a good TV & radio reference

TV and radio opportunities are highly coveted. Our consultants, former broadcast journalists, help and train you to become a “good broadcast catch”.

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Lexical brand platform

To make your brand’s vision and ambitions resonate, you need to put words to it. We help you formulate the lexical fields that define your brand, ensuring that your messages are unique in the marketplace

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Collaborations with other influencers

The audience is not the only criteria. Identifying influencers aligned with your values and ambitions is the key to fruitful, lasting and successful collaborations. In the B2B and B2C world.

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Crisis Communication

No company or executive is immune to a crisis. Working out crisis scenarios in advance is the best insurance you can take. And social networks are one of the main sounding boards to monitor its use.

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