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Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams

Head of StoriesOutED

With 13 years of experience in media relations, I started my career in London before moving to Paris, working on communications for B2B and B2C technology companies. There I created and implemented campaigns in the areas of CSR, environmental impact, human resources and art and design.

These different experiences, as well as my extensive knowledge of the press in the UK and US, have allowed me to acquire a solid expertise in the management and coordination of international projects.

In addition, I have also worked as an English teacher for professionals, training and coaching top management in public speaking.

Over the years, I have developed a strong ability to adapt in order to quickly understand clients’ needs and objectives in order to develop and implement effective communication strategies.

These roles have given me the opportunity to gain experience in managing international activity across agencies and territories, coordinating with partner agencies.

With my international experience, I am able to navigate the nuances of different working cultures with ease and have a deep understanding of how the press works in the UK and US.

This eclectic portfolio of experiences has given me the adaptability to quickly understand clients’ needs and objectives in order to develop and implement impactful communications strategies.

Major Areas of Expertise // Industry

  • UK and US press relations
  • Coordination of partner agencies
  • Adapting strategy / messaging to different geographical markets

What I Prefer

  • Working with people from all over the world
  • Creating compelling campaigns
  • Building strong media/influencer relationships

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