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Mayra Lopez Rocha

Mayra Lopez Rocha

Consultante media

Originally from Northern California, I moved to Paris in 2022 to study at the American University of Paris, where I obtained a Master’s degree in Global Communications and grew my skills in strategic communications, marketing, and branding.

My professional career began in the social services field, primarily working with communities impacted by HIV/AIDS. In 2019, I began working as a journalist for a bilingual newsroom, where I discovered a passion for the communications industry.

Before joining the StoriesOut team, I managed public relations for a French B2C travel technology company.

I enjoy utilizing my experience and creativity to develop strong strategic communications for clients. I am always eager to learn new skills and grow as a communications professional.

Main areas of expertise

  • Press Relations
  • Brand Management

My favorite part

  • Working with a diverse range of clients
  • Creating compelling content with unique angles
  • Strengthening my press relationships

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