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Cosmo Tech Introduces at Vivatech the First AI-Simulation Copilot for Critical Business Decision-Making

May 21, 2024

A reliable, hallucination-free copilot for Navigating Complex and Uncertain Industrial Environments

(Lyon, France – May 21, 2024) – Cosmo Tech today announces the integration of its AI-Simulation Platform with generative AI and will be demonstrating this latest innovation on Wednesday, May 22nd on the Microsoft for Startups Booth (J47) at Vivatech. The first AI-Simulation Copilot transforms critical decision-making in complex and uncertain environments to anticipate what is coming and confidently optimize operations and strategies for better performance and sustainability.

As artificial intelligence (AI) use  is growing, complex and industrial organizations are seeking to assist their business decision makers with the right AI techniques that can deal with their real-world needs and specific processes, delivering relevant and reliable insights and recommendations.

By combining core advanced simulation with other AI techniques, including generative AI, the Cosmo Tech Copilot delivers the precision demanded by industry and enterprise.

What would be the impact on delivery, profit and CO2 emission if this transport route is disrupted? How can I mitigate the risk? These are examples of questions and choices for which the Copilot helps users find the best answers. To reach these conclusions, it needs not only to understand and speak the language of a specific sector, but also to produce robust, hallucination-free insights and recommendations. This is possible, as its answers are grounded on industry expert knowledge and data generated from simulating the impact of decisions or disruptions on the company’s performance.

Decision makers get immediate responses through natural language interaction and can see in detail, simultaneously, the robust results of simulation scenarios that inform these responses. Scenario accuracy and reliability are ensured by the ability to model complex industrial environments and generate thousands of simulations of possible futures, automatically optimized to meet specific KPIs.

Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation technology has helped leading companies increase profit by 5% across complex supply chains, and cut capital and operating expenses by 10-15% in asset-intensive organizations. By supercharging its AI simulation platform with Generative AI, the Cosmo Tech Copilot democratizes access to its predictive and prescriptive capabilities. Decision makers understand the impact of possible disruptions, vulnerabilities or optimization opportunities, and continuously improve operational and financial performance.

“Our AI-Simulation Copilot assists all business decision makers, not only experts or data scientists. With Cosmo Tech AI Simulation Copilot they can constantly adapt to unforeseen events and make rapid and crucial decisions for their core industrial processes. This approach is transformative for industrial organizations. It significantly enhances advanced supply chain and asset management and champions ‘future-readiness’ in an ever-evolving environment” said Hugues de Bantel, Co-Founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech.

“The complexity and uncertainty of the world is not going to decrease,” added Michel Morvan, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Cosmo Tech. “If you want to be able to make optimal decisions about tomorrow, you cannot rely only on what happened in the past. You need the possibility of future, simulated data, to choose where you want to go. For critical and complex decision intelligence, AI data that is simple to access and can be trusted becomes an imperative.”

Access to the Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Copilot will be available in July 2024. The AI-Simulation Copilot can be easily integrated with other services and platforms. Decision makers will be able to use the Cosmo Tech Copilot, for example via the chat of their meeting interface or their company copilot.

About Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech provides AI Simulation and digital twins for enterprise decision making. Decision makers use Cosmo Tech software, powered by goal-seeking simulations generated from a 360° twin of their organization to navigate through complexity and uncertainty. They can either test the impact of a disruption, a decision, or set target performance indicators to find the best path out of millions of possible futures. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech’s combined predictive and prescriptive capabilities to anticipate what’s coming and confidently optimize operations, improve profitability, build resilience and sustainability.

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