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Gatling wins the “Acteurs du Libre 2023” award and announces 20 million downloads of its load testing solution

December 07, 2023

Paris, December 7, 2023Gatling, leader of load testing solutions for sites, applications, APIs and microservices, has won the Acteurs du Libre 2023 competition in the “Business Development Award” category, at the Open Source Experience trade show in Paris. 

This distinguished award was presented to Gatling on December 6 at the 7th annual edition of the event, which is dedicated to top players in the development of Free and Open Source Software. 

A Winning Development Strategy!

Julien Mathis (CEO of Centreo) presented the Business Development Prize to Gatling for implementing an innovative business development strategy based on open source software. Gatling joins previous prestigious winners such as  Axelor (2022), Smile (2021) and Prestashop (2019).

Gatling recently accelerated its development strategy with the launch of a global partnership program designed to enable the software publisher to meet ever-growing demand.

20 Million Downloads and a Global Reach 

At the event, Gatling CEO Paul-Henri Pillet announced the 20 millionth download of the solution, reaching over 200,000 partners worldwide, just 8 years after the company was first launched.

The award is a symbolic milestone which signals a bright future for Gatling, whose ambition is to double its sales by 2024, and to expand its workforce and worldwide network of partners. 

Paul-Henri Pillet, CEO of Gatling: “We are very proud to receive this award. This Business Development Award rewards all of our hard work since the launch of Gatling, and confirms the quality of our global development strategy”.

Pillet adds: “We have just passed the symbolic milestone of 20 million downloads, and we can see that the global demand for our service is booming. This achievement confirms the relevance and quality of our technology.”

About Gatling

Founded in 2015, Gatling publishes a load testing solution for applications, APIs and microservices. More than 200,000 companies worldwide such as BBC, Adobe, Roblox, Criteo or Enedis rely on the solution to improve their performance. Each step is meticulously tested to improve user experience and eliminate costly incidents. With its “test-as-code” approach, Gatling enables performance searches to be tailored to the needs of teams and applications. As a result, companies can automate and refine their load testing strategy to identify faults with transparency, consistency and traceability.

For further information, visit https://gatling.io/


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