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MUSIXY.ai Now Pays Users 100 Euros per Month to Stream Background Music

November 15, 2023

The world’s first streaming platform, label and marketplace for AI-enhanced hit songs, announces MUSIXY24.ai, which offers revenue share to listeners for functional music tracks, and is launching a new original song for peace from star producer

November 15, 2023MUSIXY.ai, the premier AI-powered music platform, label and marketplace announces their new site, MUSIXY24.ai, which allows users to earn up to 100 euros per month by listening continuously to white noise background tracks while working, relaxing and sleeping. 

Functional background tracks have surged in popularity in recent years, and have been scientifically proven to enhance focus at work, provide relaxation and even help with sleep. “With our functional background tracks you not only improve your mental performance, but also earn money,” stated Dr. jur. Can Ansay, CEO of MUSIXY.ai. 

The tracks are monetized via other streaming platforms and embedded in the MUSIXY24.ai browser-app, so that the user receives a share of the revenue generated. 

Additionally, the site is exclusively premiering new music in collaboration with award-winning music producers, such as the charity song “Peace of Mind”, using the unofficial AI voices of revived pop legends. 

“Thanks to AI and our star producers, our charity peace songs are also easily possible with the AI vocals of famous deceased singers, just like the legendary song ‘We are the world’ in the 80’s,” says Ansay. “Our AI cover songs also prove that hit songs can sound even better when sung by a more fitting famous AI voice.”

Newly updated features empower AI-enhanced music fans 

MUSIXY.ai is constantly evolving to provide new services for its users with the addition of new developments  such as: 

  • Revenue sharing opportunities: the platform’s newest feature enables users to earn up to 100 euros per month simply by streaming functional background music on the MUSIXY24.ai site. 
  • Cover song library: the portfolio now includes AI cover versions of the best songs of all time and of the charts. For example, the official AI voice of Grimes covers the song “Kill Bill” by SZA in a duet with her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk. 
  • AI Voice Filters: in just one click, users will be able to create cover songs using the AI vocals of their favorite artists with the newly added AI voice filter. 
  • Star-Studded Music: in collaboration with well-known AI-enhanced music producers, the site is exclusively premiering new music using the unofficial voices of celebrity musicians. 
  • Intuitive Interface: a more-user first design will be added to the platform, making it even easier to enjoy MUSIXY.ai and its services. 

About MUSIXY.ai

Founded in 2023 by Dr. jur Can Ansay, a lawyer and serial tech entrepreneur, MUSIXY.ai is a revolutionary streaming service, label and marketplace for AI-enhanced music, that empowers users to create and monetize their music. It is part of  yourchat.ai Ltd., a  conglomerate of AI-powered sites, including yournews.ai, yourchat.ai and yoursearch.ai, that aims to revolutionize AI for consumers worldwide.



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