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Qashflo presented its One Day Payment solution for marketplaces alongside CDiscount, Rue du Commerce and Worten in an exclusive webinar.

February 13, 2024

The event, which was attended by over 100 retail and payment professionals from across Europe, highlighted the benefits of one-day payment for e-merchants on marketplaces.


Paris, 12 February 2024 – Arnaud Solal, CEO and co-founder of Qashflo, the fintech pioneer of One Day Payment, took part in an exclusive webinar on Friday 2 February, alongside Jonathan Gorges, Director of Offering and Buying at CDiscount, Maxime Caraboeuf, Head of Marketplace at Rue Du Commerce, and João Girão, Director of Strategy and Operations at Worten, on the benefits of One Day Payment for e-merchants selling on marketplaces.

Over the course of an hour-long discussion, Arnaud Solal and the participants addressed questions such as: What are the challenges faced by sellers on marketplaces and what solutions are available to them? What are the advantages of “One Day Payment”? And how can it be successfully integrated into marketplaces? Highlights of the webinar.

Market challenges …

With the inflationary crisis, consumers are increasingly looking for the cheapest products on the market. As mentioned during the webinar, marketplaces have been playing an ever-increasing role in e-commerce for almost 7 years now. By 2023, they will account for 40% of the e-commerce market, and in Europe there will be 2 million e-tailers operating on marketplaces. Nevertheless, to ensure the growth of their businesses, sellers on marketplaces are faced with a number of operational obstacles, such as payment times, which average 30 days from the day the packages are dispatched. It was against this backdrop that Arnaud Solal explained the Qashflo “One Day Payment” solution last Friday, drawing on feedback from key witnesses.

… the solution, One Day Payment from Qashflo  

If sellers on marketplaces are currently experiencing difficulties in continuing to develop their business, there are not many solutions available to them. E-merchants can turn to banks, but these are currently very limited when it comes to short-term investment. As far as recent fintechs are concerned, none of them has yet specifically addressed the problems faced by e-merchants. That’s why Qashflo’s One Day Payment solution was created. One Day Payment offers a response to this problem by reducing payment times for marketplaces to one day, thereby accelerating growth and reducing the risk of stock shortages.

“One of the questions we are regularly asked when trying to establish a partnership is: “How many days before we can receive our profits? Thanks to Qashflo, we can answer ‘one day’,” says Jonathan Gorges, CDiscount’s Director of Offer and Purchase.

Latest highlights: testimonials from CDiscount, Rue du Commerce and Worten

Privileged partners for the past 2 years, these marketplaces have integrated the Qashflo solution into all their platforms. Transparent and easy to integrate, the solution has enabled the marketplaces to attract and diversify their sellers and their offering. As a result, Qashflo has boosted the turnover of marketplaces and generated sales growth for e-merchants.

“The more our partners succeed in developing and staying healthy, the more we grow and increase our turnover. Qashflo is a key opportunity for us to develop our marketplace and to have more sales partners in our marketplace,” adds Jonathan Gorges, CDiscount’s director of supply and purchasing.

“We adopted the Qashflo solution 6 months ago. This has enabled us to diversify our offering and increase the number of sellers on our marketplace. This has enabled us to significantly increase our profits (+124) in the space of a few months,” says Maxime Caraboeuf, Marketplace Manager at Rue du Commerce.

About Qashflo

Created in 2020, Qashflo is the first One Day Payment solution dedicated to French and European e-tailers selling via marketplaces. The platform reduces payment times for e-retailers to 1 day, compared with 20 to 40 days for marketplaces. By concentrating on the problem of financial flows, Qashflo aims to enable e-retailers to regain control of their cash flow and de-cap their overall growth. Qashflo is a bank and payment services intermediary registered with Orias.


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