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PR Tips: the Press release

January 26, 2023

There are numerous communication tools in press relations: the press release itself, op-ed, pitch, press alert… but how do you know which is adapted to your PR needs and, above all, how to use them well?

Let’s start with the star of PR …. the darling of journalists…
the press release!

Favored by 72% of journalists, they receive no less than 60 of them per day, which is equivalent to one every 8 minutes! With this mountain of information, and this over-solicitation, we suspect that a large number of them fall by the wayside. 

So, how do you stand out from the crowd and make the front page of your favorite media? 

The consultants at StoriesOut would like to share, here, some precious secrets that support the success of the agency’s clients

First of all, in which cases do we use a press release? The press release is the tool that allows one to transmit INFORMATION, simultaneously, to a set of journalists. A reaction to the news, a bias, a vision, or a prediction DOES NOT give rise to the writing of a press release. The latter will relate “hot” information (time sensitive): a new product, the appointment to a key position, an international expansion, a financial announcement (fund raising, LBO, etc.)…


✅ First, the golden rule : one idea per press release! 

  • What are your motivations and reasons for writing this release?

Keep in mind the message you want to get across. It should be the common thread of your press release

        Tip #1 – if you have 2 different announcements, do 2 different press releases

        Tip #2 – Space out these announcements by at least 15 days if the media target is the same


✅ Step 2: Encourage a quick read! 

  • Structure your press release to encourage skimming (headline, subheadlines, indentations, quote and boilerplate).

Use impactful headlines to win over your audience

        Tip #1 – the boilerplate is the paragraph positioned at the end of the press release that starts        

              with “About My Company” – 5 to 6 sentences, max, that will introduce the journalist to

              (or remind them of) your industry, products, founders and other key facts about your company.

        Tip #2 – the boilerplate is the paragraph that links all your news and announcements together. 

               It should therefore not (or only slightly) vary over long periods of time 


✅ Third – the broadcast of a press release   

  • Never send a press release as an attachment!

Think about viewing on a smartphone, an increasingly common practice 

        Tip #1 – the title of the press release is the subject of your email

         Tip #2 – your press release is the body of your email

         Tip #3 – your visuals are accessible from URLs (no attached files)

         Tip #4 – your visuals have understandable file names 

The little touch that always makes an impact: add your logo and any visuals related to your announcement. 

Add a ladle of storytelling, two tablespoons of your finest writing, a pinch of creativity, a touch of persuasion…. and, don’t forget, the cherry on top of the press release: your contact information!

You are now ready to shine with reporters!



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