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Instagram increases the number of links available in your bio

May 04, 2023

Meta CEO announced on April 18, 2023 that it will increase the number of links available in your profile’s Instagram bio.  Instagram now allows you to add up to 5 links in your bio. This feature is currently rolling out so don’t worry if you don’t have it yet, it’s coming! 

Good news for content creators: 

This was a real issue for content creators. Being present on multiple platforms, they were forced to choose a single link to redirect to a site outside of Instagram. Most often it was a link to their stores or a link to their current partnerships. 

An alternative set up to overcome the lack of possible links on Instagram is a Linktree. This device allows you to synthetically group on a page all the affiliate links of the creator or those of the company… whether for social networks, website, partnership… 

Towards the end of Linktree? 

Don’t get me wrong, to ensure a smooth experience on Instagram and not overload the bio of a profile, only one link will be visible. You will then have to choose sparingly which link will be displayed as the main one. 

To display the other links, the user will have to click once. This measure will slow down the use of linktree but the benefit of this feature is very limited. 

Finally, the user remains at the same number of actions to access the other links that the designer has set up. The only benefit of this addition is to no longer go through a third party site.  It remains to be seen if the creator will be able to redirect to all the sites of their choice or if Instagram will impose a rule.

If you’re wondering why Instagram is curbing the use of links


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