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Ivanna Báez

Ivanna Báez

Consultante Senior

I have worked in communication, around 10 years, in Ecuador, Spain and France. Curiosity and thoroughness are the two characteristics that define my career and my work. My first years in communication I worked as a reporter and news anchor in Ecuador. This experience marked my sense of communication. My interest for real social change led me to work in political communication for various ministries and the presidency of Ecuador.

After a very enriching professional journey in Ecuador, I came to France, where I decided to work in the field of public relations. One of the legacies of journalism is my ability to learn quickly about new subjects. I have made PR for companies in the HR, sustainable development and health sectors. Nowadays, I am interested in tech industry players.

Four masters and a PhD are part of my academic background in audiovisual journalism, political science, communication and marketing. Thanks to these four complementary fields I am capable of advising and developing communication campaigns from a multidisciplinary perspective in order to achieve the objectives of the companies I work with.

Main fields of expertise

  • Development of 360° communication strategies
  • Audiovisual media
  • Brand content
  • Crisis communication

What I prefer

  • Media monitoring
  • Elaborate and implement communication & PR plans
  • Talk to journalists and get some interviews
  • Find different angles to communicate on a subject

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