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Castles Technology focuses on unattended and UK 24/7 helpdesk at Retail Technology Show 2024

March 25, 2024

Paris, March 25, 2024Castles Technology, an international leader in payment solutions, is excited to return to London’s Retail Technology Show to showcase its latest Android payment products, including its latest unattended devices and 360 payment and helpdesk services for the UK retail sector. 

Castles Technology, the world’s fourth payment solution, with 30 years of experience has had its UK and Ireland (UKI) office since 2020, since its acquisition of Spire Payments.

Based in Salisbury with a team of around 100, the UKI outpost for the Taiwanese payment innovator Castles Technology takes a “glocal” approach thanks to its on-the-ground expert team who understand the challenges the UK market is facing and how to tap into its potential. 

Castles Technology responds to local demand with 360° payment solutions services including: repairs, field operations, software, a multi-language helpdesk that takes 8,000 calls a month, same-day device dispatch, next-day swap, and full terminal customisation service to name a few.

These all help merchants to maintain resilience which has given Castles Technology a competitive edge in this market. as the majority of its POS systems are based on Android software they offer 98% performance reliability in addition to: 

  • Low cost of ownership: that delivers on ROI
  • Optimal convenience: for merchants and consumers  
  • Flexibility:  accepting a wide variety of payments
  • Portability: that allows for use in and out of store 
  • Self-service: to accommodate faster and easier payments during peak times 
  • Integrated frictionless reporting and management systems: integrated in devices, offering real-time insights and visibility across multiple devices
  • Constant updates: to ensure system security 
  • Access to 24/7 customer support: to troubleshoot issues 

 “London is a vibrant, growing market to us thanks to retailers’ openness to innovation, design, quality and durability. It will be good to show how our products have progressed over the last year, particularly our unattended devices, SmartPOS and the helpdesk services that are unique to Castles technology UK,”

Jean-Philippe Niedergang, Group CCO & EMEA CEO of Castles Technology commenting on this year’s Retail Technology Show

Highlighting Innovation at the Retail Technology Show 2024

For this year’s show Castles Technology has selected a wide range of its next-gen Android products for the retail sector focused on smartPOS and unattended payments, with increased functionality and lighter design: 

S1E2: Castles Technology’s new mobile smartPOS that offers convenience, adaptability, and performance even in extreme conditions such as outdoor events. A popular product due to its easy, safe and secure design it offers an all-in-one, simplified but optimised checkout experience.

S1F2: Features a new design for improved mobility and usability, an Android-based secure payment acceptance device offers a speeded up and streamlined transaction process.

 S1P: The S1P PIN Pad offers many connection options to retail systems in a resilient and modern form to guide the customer through a transaction quickly.

 S2L: Combining the S1P PIN Pad capabilities with a large touchscreen in a rectangular form, the S2L makes line-item display, signature capture, agreement acceptance, and marketing messages simple, at the point of interaction with your customers.

About Castles Technology

Castles Technology is a global leader in payment acceptance solutions, providing cutting-edge terminals, innovative solutions, and exceptional services to empower the payment ecosystem. Castles Technology partners with over 1,000 banks, merchants, FinTechs, acquirers, ISVs, and PSPs, deploying millions of POS terminals worldwide for retailers of all sizes.

As the foremost Android payment acceptance, Castles Technology offers secure, reliable, and seamless solutions with global and local reach. With over 30 years of experience, the company’s dedicated community of experts is committed to anticipating and shaping the future of commerce worldwide, while their powerful devices, secure payment solutions, and top-notch services ensure unparalleled quality and performance.

The company believes in the importance of innovation and sustainability and is committed to making a positive impact on the world through our products, services and operations.

Website: https://www.castlestech.com/ 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/castles-technology-emea/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CastlesTechNA

Castle Technology

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