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Why did we create this white paper?


Since our inception, sharing and education have been a major focus of ours. Every year, we dedicate at least 50 hours to mentoring and free seminars on our favorite topics: press relations and innovation.

Almost 15 years on, we felt the time was right to compile and summarize our recommendations, warnings and tips for getting started or improving your visibility and reputation through media communications.

From the moment we started drafting this white Paper through to its final review, we have been solely focused on delivering pragmatic guidance. We have designed this white Paper as a practical, easy-to-use toolkit.
We hope that it will meet your expectations and provide answers to all your questions.


The StoriesOut Team




Understand the mechanics of press relations


Define what you can expect from it


Plan a PR campaign


Create content, starting with a press release


Share your news without it landing in Spam


Measure the efficiency of your campaign

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