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Choose your PR agency

December 08, 2022

How to choose a press relations agency?

Obviously, we would be very tempted to tell you “look no further, StoriesOut is the agency for you”, but we have to face the facts, if only for reasons of bandwidth or competition between customers, we cannot work for everyone.

So, we thought we might as well be a good sport and give you some key pointers so that you can find the agency that meets your needs and will meet your expectations and ambitions.

The essential? THE BRIEF!

The what?
A presentation document that summarizes your background, your objectives, as well as your constraints. And above all, your expectations vis-à-vis Press Relations.

The structure of a brief?

1 – Introduce yourself

→ Your activity, size, territories, customers, key figures

→ Present your market – list the current and future specificities of your market (regulatory, technological, territorial, etc.), its
growth, etc.

→ Talk about your ecosystem – name your main competitors, as well as your main customers and partners

2 – State your expectations of PR

→ Explain the reasons why you plan to launch a PR campaign: to exist with overly aggressive competitors, to launch your
activity, to be identified by investors, to recruit more easily, etc.

→ Indicate if you have already done PR, with what results. Specify what you found positive and what you found negative

→ Formulate KPIs that need to be achieved for your campaign to succeed.

→ Don’t forget to indicate the date you’d like the campaign to start

Tips to gain efficiency

→ Be as concrete as possible – give examples of media and titles in which you would like to see your company

→ Indicate a budget range (no, no, not all services are equal ;-))

Tips to avoid mismatch

→ Evaluate the agreement with the team: meet the consultants who will work with you, start with topical subjects for discussion, make jokes… in short, measure whether you want to see these faces every week. Or not.

→ Discuss with clients / former clients of the agency

Let us know if you have other tips to share, we’d love to hear from you!


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