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BeReal adapts to the behavior of these users

May 31, 2023

BeReal is the latest social network to join the international scene. This French application has been downloaded nearly 53 million times in just one year! After a strong success, the craze is a slowing down. The French company has been trying to adapt to the practices of its users which differ from the creators’ wishes.

BeReal permet de prendre plusieurs photos

What is BeReal? 

BeReal is a social network created to show the life of its users as it really is, without artifice. The application sends you a notification every day at any time of the day, “It’s time for BeReal“, you then have 2 minutes to take a picture with the front camera and selfie at the same time. The goal is to see what surrounds you, what you do at a specific time of day or more rarely at night. 

If you don’t take it within 2 minutes, no worries, you can still take a picture at any time of the day, the only difference is the appearance of the mention “Late” to show your friends that you are not that real.

Why create such an application?

The point is to be caught off guard is to be sincere, which is the exact opposite of Instagram.

The excesses of Instagram are now well known to the general public. 32% of teenage girls believe that the use of the social network to give them a bad image of their body in 2020.
Source : Ouest France

The hyper-worked posts prepared beforehand, taken at the perfect moment and retouched afterwards led Instagram to a professionalization of any post, even for lambdas. In short Bereal wanted to remove the pressure to share.

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But over time, Bereal users have returned to their bad habits.

Differing behavior from users that expected:

Users are expected to take a BeReal within 2 minutes of receiving the notification. However, most of them wait for the most exceptional moment of their day like a concert, a drink on the terrace and not the one where they are wrapped up in their plaid watching reality TV. We always have the urge to show that we have a hectic life full of twists and turns. BeReal then made some changes to keep its philosophy.

So what is the solution to regain its authenticity?

To address this issue BeReal will now give the ability to post multiple BeReals on the same day for people who post on time. If you post within 2 minutes you will unlock the Bereal bonus. That is to say a 2nd photo and a 3rd photo that you can take at any time you want. In short, what to show your real life while being exceptional.

To show its natural and improvised side, the application launched a few months ago the number of times the user had taken a photo before publishing it.

The possibility to post several Bereal has recently arrived
To your best photos!


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