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My AI available to all Snapchat users

June 08, 2023

My AI from Snapchat 

This feature was originally reserved for Snapchat+ subscribers (paid subscription), then gradually rolled out in France at the beginning of May. It’s impossible to miss the addition of this new feature. It takes the form of a conversation and is pinned to the very top of your conversation feed.

Called “My AI”, it takes the form of an avatar randomly generated from all Snapchat’s customization options. If you don’t like it, don’t panic: you can completely reshape it according to your preferences, and even give it another name.

As for conversational ChatGPT:

You can ask it any question you like, and it will try to answer you – well, almost… At the time of its launch, My AI presented a number of drifts, illustrated in particular by Aza Raskin (inventor of the infinite scroll on smartphones). He pretended to be a 13-year-old girl about to go on a date, and the app gave him advice on how to prepare for it and how to “make his first time special”, despite the fact that Aza had specified that the man was 31. 

The My AI conversational chatbot has other pitfalls; it’s likely to generate fake news. Some users received replies explaining that Queen Elizabeth II of England would still be alive in 2023. 

Snapchat then strengthened its chatbot to stop responding to requests that are neither ethical nor legal. The AI is obliged to answer you, but it will stop giving you advice that would be illegal. This is an important safeguard put in place to protect its young audience, given that 21.1% of its users are aged between 13 and 17.

However, Internet users are still very inventive, and this leads to some pretty funny conversations. Some users have pretended to carry out illegal activities such as robbing a bank or stealing, and My AI’s reactions can be quite unexpected.

A feature adopted by all?

The addition of My AI to Snapchat is the next logical step, as everyone tries to position their artificial intelligence to stay in the race. 

A fad? Perhaps, since artificial intelligence is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it seems to have the same response capabilities. In reality, however, it is less efficient, requiring more guidance and sometimes rephrasing questions to ensure that it fully understands its role. This is exacerbated by the company’s restrictions, which are designed to protect its young audience.

You have the option of sending her voice messages, photos and videos, but most of the time you get this message: “Oops, I’m not quite able to understand that yet “.

This feature seems to have been implemented too quickly, to the point where tutorials for deleting My AI from conversation have appeared.

How do I remove My AI from my chats?

For the time being, only users who pay for a Snapchat+ subscription can remove My AI from their chats.

There’s no point in asking it to remove itself – it will probably reply:
“oops I’m not able to delete yet “.


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