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How to do Personal Branding on LinkedIn

July 27, 2023

Have you seen those people with blue/purple/orange backgrounds on their profile photos? LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a platform for leads and influence. You can gain visibility and hope to generate leads in the process. 

Topics to cover: 

Should you share your personal life? 

Should you talk about your professional or personal life? Well, it takes both. The posts on LinkedIn that generate the most interest are the “emotional” ones, based on a personal anecdote, or the “we don’t exploit interns” posts.  You’re free to talk about whatever you like, the last film you went to see, your life since you moved to the country, your children, your sports… in short, that you’re perfect. 

On professional social media, it can be interesting to give your opinion, while remaining “politically correct” of course.  It’s okay to disagree – it happens, and maybe it’s even for the best – and the comment space will be approached from all sides to give your opinion. What a way to boost your reach! For example, “Today’s young people want to work more, but I used to work 70 hours a week as a salaried employee in a company, you don’t get something for nothing!

But be careful not to overuse these posts, as they could bore your audience in the long term. This is still a professional social network, and you need to share quality information. 

A good balance would be between 80% professional posts and 20% personal posts.

What themes should I use for professional posts?  

Strategic news remains the most interesting: your company is launching a new product, event, developing a new offer, rebranding, seminar, recruitment, etc. Talk about it! Tell us about the dynamics of this process, its objectives, and how you’re taking part. 

This kind of news is very interesting but rare, so it may not be enough to feed an account. Get in touch with news of your company sector. Make a post on trends and the future of the market, what’s working at the moment, the development of certain technologies that will enable this and that, or changes in legislation. 

To have a complete arsenal, all that’s missing is the sharing of knowledge. Be as pedagogical as possible, avoid jargon, and keep it simple, one post, one idea.  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo da Vinci). Share tips and tricks, and point out the mistakes you regularly see, so that you can alert certain people. This will position you as an expert in your field, and you’ll be recognized as such!

The last two paragraphs in particular will help you stand out from the crowd and generate leads. But are they enough? 

To gain visibility: 

Welcome to the intricacies of the LinkedIn algorithm

Post structure: 

The first thing to do is to write a catchphrase, which is crucial, as it will determine whether your audience will read the post. Asking a question or objects in the form of a hook [event] is very effective in piquing curiosity.  

Then, in the body text, as mentioned above, keep it simple and avoid jargon: one post, one idea, one sentence, one idea. Organize your post so that every second counts. To do this, there’s no need for big I’s and big II’s, just paragraphs, ideally of no more than 3 lines. 

Finally, the conclusion: most spokespeople forget that the conclusion is the ideal place to make a call to action (CTA), ask a question, and ask your contacts for their opinion. By encouraging interaction, you increase the chances of your post being seen by as many people as possible.

Post with which formats: 

For personal branding, we recommend a simple image, which has a better reach than other formats. A photo of you, of the offices, or associated with the subject is the best!  

If you’re sharing tips, a carousel works very well, as does a poll! Or a simple text-only post. But above all, avoid links! Leave your website/contact link in your profile bio or your post will get fewer impressions. 

Posting frequency: 

Should you post every day, 3 times a week 1? There’s no real answer, but for the sake of time and content between your posts, we recommend 2 to 3 posts a week. What’s most important is regularity: you won’t explode overnight, and building an audience takes time, so hang in there! 

As for the timetable, it doesn’t change – you can find it here: How to post on LinkedIn


It’s also up to you to interact on LinkedIn. Interaction is becoming increasingly important, so don’t hesitate to like, comment and republish your peers’ pages. This increases your audience and the reach of your personal account tenfold by reaching the audience of the other creator. One comment and your subscribers can receive a notification of your account.

You have all the weapons in hand to become an influential person in your sector, don’t be afraid to test, to experiment to improve your statistics, and who knows maybe become Top of Voice


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